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Edit During the end credits, we see a bloody dead shark on a fishing bag, its fins are cut off, its abdomen is cut open, we see intestines spill nude shark bay chat, and a man pulls the contents of its stomach out including a camera. It turns out he's still alive and close by, but before this is revealed, the scene is very intense.

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In the shxrk, a vacationing couple is stranded out on the open sea after a scuba diving excursion, and the pair struggles to find a way to survive the fearsome undersea world- and its dangerous inhabitants- before it swallows them whole.

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Without the film's two spectacular actors, Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis, the film's central conceit- based loosely upon a true story- would never have worked; thankfully, the pair recently sat down with blackfilm. How did you develop your relationship?

I recognized a lot of your interactions in my own relationships. Travis: "Hopefully you did.

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sharkk We took a big chunk of time before we nude shark bay chat started shooting to talk about background and things like that-" Ryan: "Daniel and I were friends already-" Travis: "But one we actually got into the water and started shooting, 98 percent of that was scripted. There may be three or four spots where there's a word or two that is changed, but Chris wrote very well, and her also gave us the freedom to try whatever we wanted, but we always ended up always using what he had envisioned in the first chzt.

She really likes to be taken care of, and leans on him, and even when she doubts some of his advice, she sticks with it. She's very traditional, and he really enjoys taking care of her and nurturing her and making sure she stays safe, and for both of them to be in a situation where he cannot protect her, and she feels vulnerable, and he can't be nude shark bay chat to make it better is really shari to both of them and threatens sort of the core of their relationship, snark I think that's the launching point for so many of the emotions that come in over the course of the film.

Travis: "It keeps you buoyant.

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