How we work


Customized service

Euroreporter intends to create a truly partnership with each of its users. The aim is to follow the evolution of their specific areas of interest and to identify, case by case, the exact content they need in order to maximize their satisfaction.

Free registration

By registering, the new user helps Euroreporter to know exactly his profile in order to ensure a high degree of customisation.

Online purchasing

Once registered, the new user can log in his private area. Here he can check the menu of thematic updates, customise the informative products and order them. They will be then delivered to him both by email and via a download section. An appropriate online “Guide” will assist him through the different stages of the purchase, from the order until the download of the products.

Email alert system

An automatic signalling service will inform the user via email (and/or sms upon request) whenever the thematic menu is updated or one of the requested products has been delivered and is ready for download.