Who we are


Our Mission

EuroReporter is the first European information agency offering a customised service to specialised operators. Customisation means no more waste of time in long searches through the Internet or different newspapers. EuroReporter provides a one stop-shop access to any kind of information which may help to identify the challenges and opportunities of euro-globalization. A revolutionary concept is being introduced: no generic information for all users, but to every user the specific information he asks for.

Going beyond the simple news-reporting, EuroReporter not only indicates names, dates and facts. By means of investigations, analysis and commentaries by experts, it also explains innovations, scenarios, advantages, disadvantages and possible answers. Thanks to its innovative characteristics, EuroReporter is able to satisfy even the most sophisticated request, shaping the contents accordingly to a wide range of customised informative products.

Technical reviews and magazines, enterprises, public and private institutions, business/thematic associations, professionals, academics, researchers and all those who need to know in a precise and quick way the European initiatives, just planned, rightly ongoing or already implemented, which have a potential impact on their activities.

Innovative Charateristics

  • Specialization
    EuroReporter covers in an extensive way all Europeans issues.

  • Customisation
    Every user is provided with a thematic menu which is custom-made for his specific profile and is regularly updated in order to help him to choose the best informative products. While purchasing his product, the customer can choose the content, format and delivery timing.

  • High added value
    Besides being offered thematic contents which specifically relate to its activity, the user is also alerted on European initiatives which may have an indirect effect on his activity.

  • Integrated information
    EuroReporter capture and filters information through all available sources and embraces all aspects of the European dynamics: thematic policies, legislative evolution, technical regulation, judicial case-law, cross-border projects, funding, events, industry partnerships and agreements, studies and reports made by private or public institutions, positions of both European and national professional associations, policy and lobbying activities, EU reactions to national initiatives or national reactions to EU initiatives, technological upgrading and research, market trends.

Our clients

Specialized magazines, enterprises, public institutions, trade associations, professionals, academics, researchers and all those who need to know so updated initiatives European character (in preparation, approval or implementation) that have a significant impact on Their business sector.